Review: Lauren Guthrie Pick Your Pockets Skirt 

Learn to Sew With Lauren Skirt

The Pick Your Pockets Skirt is another find in the Learn to Sew With Lauren Book and is the latest on my sewing table for my winter wardrobe. I love the pocket options and have chosen the front facing pockets (I prefer these to the inseam pockets that can sometimes make me appear even more ‘hippier’ than I actually am)…even then I still cut out both pocket options, d’oh!

I made very good use of my voucher code from my Sewing Weekender goodie bag and ordered some beautiful black Melton Wool Blend from Guthrie & Ghani; the service from them was outstanding and my parcel was waiting for me when I got home the following day. After buying the fabric, it was then I thought about washing instructions…that’s right, after, not before (!!) Cue me washing a small 4 inch square piece to check a) that I could wash it without wrecking it and b) what the shrinkage was. Luckily for me (it would have been a bit late otherwise) it washed really well and there were mere millimetres of shrinkage so I can absolutely vouch for this fabric! What also struck me was the beautiful quality of the blend; I couldn’t wait to work with this fabric.

I’ve got to say I really enjoyed making this skirt – once you’re cut out, it’s pretty quick to construct and I love the pleat details. If you’re making your skirt from a heavier fabric like a wool, I would recommend cutting the inner yoke piece and inside pocket piece from a lighter cotton, lining fabric or similar, although it was still fine cut from wool (just a little bulkier). I’ve absolutely nailed an invisible zip (still riding the crest of the wave after my A Line Skirt win!) Rather than the recommended ‘sew the side seams then insert the zip’ I inserted the zip then sewed the side seams so I could be sure I perfected my zip. Because of this, you’ll notice I skipped adding the contrast piping I’d bought for this project, however I don’t think this detracts from the skirt.

Once finished I tried it on, thinking I might wear it for work the next day…it was far too big. There is a little give in the wool but even so, I think I’m erring on the side of caution every time I cut out; more often than not I have cut out too big and had to take makes in and this skirt was no different. One day I’ll start making toiles but for now, I unpicked the yoke slightly and took the skirt in to size it down.

I’d love a summer version and have been thinking through what fabric and colour/print I’d like to use; my only worry is that because it’s a shorter skirt, I’d be happier wearing this with opaque black tights so I may need to think about an autumn version in a cotton twill or baby cord.

This isn’t the first item I’ve made from Lauren’s lovely book – why not take a look at the Simple Sleeveless Top? Or how about my Yoke Top review?

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