The Classic Chocolate Sandwich Cake

Chocolate Sponge Cake

Today I’m sharing with you a twist on the classic Victoria Sponge Cake by making a delicious chocolate version. Still the same delicious sponge cake, held together by light, creamy chocolate buttercream. I don’t know about you but there’s just something a little extra special about a chocolate cake rather than the classic Victoria Sponge. To be honest though, I’m not sure many of us would pass up either with a nice cup of tea! If you want to make your own Chocolate Sandwich Cake (and maybe a Victoria Sponge Cake, just so you can compare the two…just for research purposes), here’s how:


  • 200g self raising flour
  • 2 level tsp baking powder
  • 40g cocoa powder
  • 225g caster sugar
  • 300g butter, softened
  • 4 large eggs
  • 100g dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa solids)
  • 150g icing sugar

You’ll also need:

  • Mixing bowl
  • Sieve
  • 2 x 20cm sandwich tins
  • Measuring scales
  • Mixing spoon
  • Cooling rack
  • Small saucepan
  • Spatula


  1. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius/Gas Mark 4
  2. Grease and line the bases of two 20cm sandwich tins


Making the cake

  1. Sift the flour, baking powder and cocoa into your mixing bowl
  2. Add the caster sugar, 225g of butter the eggs and 1tbsp water and beat until evenly mixed
  3. Divide the cake mixture evenly into the two tins and level the tops
  4. Bake for 25-30 minutes (or until the cakes have shrunk from the sides of the tins and the tops spring back when lightly pressed)
  5. Turn out onto the cooling rack and leave to cool

Making and Adding the Chocolate Buttercream

  1. Melt 100g your chocolate – you can do this in two ways. The first is to melt it in the microwave, removing it and stirring it every 20 seconds. The second is to put the chocolate in a bowl and place over a simmering pan of water on the hob and leave it until the chocolate has melted. Whichever way you choose, you should let the chocolate cool on the countertop until it is just warm
  2. Beat together 75g butter and 150g icing sugar until very light and fluffy. Add the melted chocolate and beat again
  3. Spread the mixture on one cake and put the other on top

I like to finish this cake with a sprinkle of icing sugar and cocoa powder mixed together

Chocolate Victoria Sponge Cake

If you like this cake, with a couple of additions, you could make the Ultimate Celebration Cake or my Malteser and Chocolate Finger Cake (this was my most liked recipe on Instagram in 2016…you guys loved it!)

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