Visiting Adam Ross Fabrics

Adam Ross Fabrics Birmingham

It’s hard to believe I wasn’t aware of Adam Ross Fabrics until August last year; it wasn’t until the goodie bag sponsors for The Sewing Weekender were announced that I got to hear about them. Nestled in Birmingham, their sprawling warehouse is host to the most amazing fabric selection. I was invited for a little visit to look round with Jas; obviously I took my friend Lynsey from Yellow Bug Designs…she can’t beat a trip out fabric shopping!

Adam Ross have a fantastic range of both plain and print viscose. They’re famous for it! But hidden within their warehouse are bolts and bolts and rolls and rolls of a much wider range of fabrics, many of which are waiting their turn to be added to the website – we see just a fraction of their range here. After a little tour and a coffee, Lynsey and I were let loose on the fabrics and it’s fair to say we bought one or two metres (read: lots more than that) for our stash.

Over another cuppa and a slice of Lemon Drizzle Cake, Jas explained that excellent customer service is at the heart of Adam Ross Fabrics. From the super quick turnaround, to each piece of fabric being individually bagged and sealed, to the swatches of fabrics to let you imagine many more possibilities, these little touches make you feel genuinely valued. And we are; it’s clear that as a largely online retailer, these little extras help to build the link that you see more in face to face sales.

Plain Dyed Viscose Adam Ross Fabrics

I phoned Jas a few months ago when I was colour matching for a very special project for my friend’s wedding (keep your eyes peeled in May for the big reveal!) I really couldn’t decide what to pair with the beautiful coral floral print I’d chosen. Jas went out of her way to help me pick out the colours in the floral for the contrast ‘panels’ (we’ll call them that to keep it secret.)

Fabric Shop Birmingham

This is Jas and Saira, who carefully send out your orders to you – it’s clear they love being the bearers of happy post. The organisation of the whole process is amazing – from the samples all arranged on the back wall of the office to their ability to pick and pack up to 100 orders a day without getting in a huge muddle.

Lynsey and I left feeling really pleased with ourselves and can’t wait to use our fabrics in the coming weeks and months. Here’s a selection of my purchases:

From left to right we have some lovely thick olive stretch cotton twill (you’ll be seeing this soon as part of the Summer Shirtdress Challenge); some pale grey panda print cotton for my mum (she’s making a playmat for her friend’s daughter’s impending new arrival), burgandy viscose (for some Tilly & The Buttons Marigold Trousers), some purple floral viscose (I’m thinking a summer top from this), some pale grey polycotton (for the back of mum’s Play Mat) and some hummingbird fabric (no firm plans; I’ve enough for a dress or a top from this but I fell in love with it so this was my guilty pleasure purchase!)

If you are within travelling distance of Birmingham, give Adam Ross Fabrics a call to arrange to pop over to them – you’ll be astounded by the fabric choice and have a great morning with the team – Lynsey and I both commented in the car that we felt like we’d met up with old friends!

Watch this space as I start to sew up a storm with my Adam Ross Fabrics!

7 thoughts on “Visiting Adam Ross Fabrics

  1. Lynsey says:

    I have order from Adam Ross a couple times and love their fabric (esp viscose) I would love to go and visit them one day but I do live far away, right on the south coast. It’s lovely they are so friendly and genuinely care about their customers. I might need to come up soon 😊

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  2. thedementedfairy says:

    Hmm I’m a Brummie born and bred, but I’d never heard of them! It’s a pity that they’re 3 mile walk from the market area and I don’t drive, or I’d add them to my list! Maybe I’ll have to look online instead…thanks!

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