Perfecting Your Me Made Wardrobe…Get Your Free Planner Here


Many of us are now reaching for our sewing machines to create the perfect wardrobe. Gone are the days where we’re having to battle the high streets with the masses or settle for less than perfectly fitting clothes. A me made wardrobe is the perfect way to have well fitting, one off designs that will make you happy to get dressed every day. In readiness for Me Made May kicking off on Monday, I’m sharing my top tips for perfecting your memade wardrobe:

Think About Colour – in any wardrobe, me made or ready to wear, colour palettes are key. Having clothes you can wear interchangeably will maximise your outfit choices. My advice would be to stick to a palette of neutrals (this could be black, white, navy, grey or beige palettes) then bring in colours to work with them. For my colouring I try to gravitate towards a blue/navy/pinky/purply palette, which mix and match well

Silhouette is Key – Do you remember my pleated skirt fiasco? Being quite ‘hippy’ although I loved the idea of a fuller skirt but in reality this did not do me any favours (thank goodness I was able to rescue it into this dress). Try on different styles in shops to work out the cuts and fit that suit you best to guide your pattern choices, rather than choosing what takes your fancy!

Pattern Choice is Also Key – Sometimes we have our heads turned by a pattern we fall in love with…that’s fine, but think when you’ll wear it – I’m a sucker for a pretty dress yet I live in practical tops (think an Agnes or Simple Sleeveless Top) and jeans at the weekend. You should be making more of what you’ll wear often

Think Carefully About Fabrics – I have made a few dodgy fabric choices freestyling either with print of fabric type, because ‘I knew better’…in short, I didn’t! Listen to what the pattern recomends and consider your prints carefully. Also, look at your current wardrobe for ideas around the fabrics you enjoy wearing (I’ve always been a knit fan)

Plan Ahead – In late winter, I’ll be sewing up items for Spring so as soon as the weather changes, I’m good to go with my Spring wardrobe

Think Timeless – there are some pieces you’ll wear for years that won’t date – a Breton Top, darker denim jeans, a great blazer (like the Morris Blazer), a shift dress for the office. Invest in these for savvy outfit choices

Make What Makes You Happy – you want to feel super special in what you make because you’re absolutely worth it. Sewing should be about being the best you that you can possibly be. Have fun!

If you’re inspired by my tips, why not check out some of my favourite wardrobe pieces:

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