Tilly and The Buttons Marigold Trousers

Viscose Trousers Tilly and The Buttons Marigold

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We’re getting closer to spring and summer and I thought it was time to start making clothes to suit the beautiful summer I’m hoping for. Last year, I seemed to wear my jeans far too often (needs must to hide my lily white legs) so this year I thought it was time for a change. The Tilly and the Buttons Marigold pattern is a beautiful multi purpose pattern, in both jump suit and trouser format. Whilst I love the jumpsuit (and it’s still on my list to sew!) realistically I needed some lightweight trousers for the days where it’s a bit too breezy to get my legs out, or I don’t want to subject the world to their Casper the Friendly Ghost whiteness!

With an easy wear elasticated waist and relaxed fit, the Margiold trousers are the perfect day to night trouser. Pair with a cami top and denim jacket and you’re good to go…just add a pair of flip flops for the day or heels for the evening (maybe even adding a little ponte roma Morris Blazer for the perfect evening look)

I’ve made these Marigold trousers from super soft floral viscose from Adam Ross Fabrics in Birmingham – they have a beautiful range, offer great service and free postage so I love working with them. I bought metres of this fabric (yes, plural!) as I was in love with it that much…(**spoiler alert**) you’ll see this pop up in again soon for another very special wedding related make and I still have a good couple of metres left!

In terms of construction, these trousers aren’t too challenging, even for those of you who haven’t tackled trousers. The pocket detail is such a gorgeous touch and really sets off the trouser. I was a little nervous about the front pleats adding bulk and emphasising my hips but they’re absolutely fine and don’t draw attention to my pear shape – very flattering!

I was amazed how quickly I stitched these up, even by my slow standards it was good going! They only took me a couple of hours in total…the only thing that slowed me down was waiting for my elastic to arrive as I went to add this and realised I’d run out!


Tilly & The Buttons Marigold Trousers

My only issue (I know, I would have found this out the easy way with a toile) is that the waist to seat length was too long. I’ve turned the waist over three times and resewn and it’s now fine; ever so slightly bulky on the waist but with a floaty summer top with it no-one will ever know (and I’m definitely not getting my midriff out, it’s not 2001 anymore!)

Wearing them, I’m not sure the rose print is quite right for in the day, I do feel a bit like I’m in my pyjamas (although everyone else thinks otherwise!) I am a big fan of gorgeous loungewear though so if I don’t hold my nerve, I’ll be rocking them at home and feeling soooooo comfortable! I have also had some more plain viscose from the lovely team at Adam Ross so will be making the body shorter and making another pair of Marigold trousers before summer ends.

If you like this post, you’ll love myΒ Tilly & The Buttons Agnes review…this looks great paired with Marigold trousers!

5 thoughts on “Tilly and The Buttons Marigold Trousers

  1. Lynsey_makes says:

    They look fab! I haven’t tackled trousers yet although I have this pattern, I’ve been worried the elastic waist/gathers will emphasise my tummy area (what can I say, I love cake :D) maybe I should give them a go. (I have this fabric too)

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