Sew Over It Shirt Dress – Sew Together For Summer

Sew Over It Vintage Shirt Dress
I love a good challenge and Monika of Rocco Sienna, Sarah of Sew Sarah Smith and Suzy of Sewing in Spain have not let us down with this one. The challenge: sew a shirt dress of our choice for summer and post it before midsummers day (21 June) – love it!
Earlier this year I bought the Sew Over It Shirt Dress ready to add to my summer wardrobe – the challenge was just the nudge I needed to sew this up pronto. I bought the perfect olive green cotton fabric from Adam Ross Fabrics when I visited in March – it would look gorgeous as a sleeveless shirt dress I could wear for the office or at the weekend.

When I traced and cut my pattern I decided to lengthen the skirt a little so it was more appropriate for work (yes, I know I also wear my mini skirted Pick Your Pockets Skirt for work but I justify that with opaque black tights…the shirt dress will be a natural tights or bare leg job!) I wanted it to sit on my knee as opposed to above so I added a couple of inches on – lazily you’ll see I cut the pattern as directed but just shifted it outwards when I laid it out; this means I can make a standard length dress when I make my next.

The main construction of the dress is pretty quick and it feels like a dress very quickly. In my eagerness, I forgot to stay stitch my skirt pieces waists…as I found out when I came to attach the skirt and bodice pieces. On one section my skirt was a little bigger than the corresponding bodice piece. I’ve now got a slight ‘tuck’ of fabric as a result, although it’s very well hidden in the side seam; even I won’t remember it’s there when I’ve added my belt – no-one else is likely to notice regardless!

When you add the collar and facings you really begin to feel like your dress is coming together. I don’t like an open facing (even though I rolled the seam, and for most people this would be entirely adequate and certainly didn’t look unfinished) so I used Wundaweb to attach this to the dress front. You’ll notice this also annoyed me with the Morris Blazer pattern and I Wundawebbed this closed too.

I was concerned my fabric was too heavy to make bias tape from so went for a slightly lighter khaki bias tape. Although there isn’t a colour match I actually like the two shades of khaki together (I also toyed with contrast bias tape but couldn’t decide on a colour). If you make the sleeveless option, I would recommend finishing the arm holes with your bias tape before sewing your bodice sides together (I didn’t think of this at the time!)

Instead of buttons, I used more plastic snaps – you’ll see I used these for my Deer & Doe Datura and I was really pleased with the outcome so I’ve used them again.

I’ve got to say, this wasn’t the most successful of projects; in short it was a slog! Everything that could have gone wrong practically did. On so many occasions I nearly chucked the half finished dress in a dark cupboard never to see the light of day again but I got there in the end. Don’t be put off my this, it’s a relatively straightforward make, I just didn’t gel with it for this particular making of the dress. I’d still love to make another though, I’m sure on a different occasion it would go together like a dream! Have you ever had one of those projects?? I know I won’t be alone here πŸ™‚

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