Everything You Need To Know When You’re Learning To Sew

Top Tips Learning to Sew

It’s great to see so many people become inspired by programmes like The Great British Sewing Bee and the lovely sewing community on Instagram and Facebook. More people than ever are dusting off (or investing in) their sewing machine and buying beautiful fabrics to begin their journey on the quest to build their me-made wardrobes.

Creating my own clothes, I absolutely don’t miss spending hours trudging round shops looking for something that isn’t there, being a different size in every shop I visit, only being able to fit certain shops clothes (jeans are the worst aren’t they?!), standing under harsh lighting in store changing rooms and battling crowds on a Saturday afternoon.

Being able to have an idea, find the perfect pattern (or tweak one to suit) and making a custom fit piece is much more fun…so are compliments from people asking you where you bought it and being amazed that you made it from scratch! But when you’re starting out, making an item can be a little daunting.

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Please feel free to comment below with any aha moments you’ve had…or if you’ve got any other top tips for newbies, please add them below so we can share our mistakes and learning

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