Mr & Mrs Bunting Tutorial

Handmade Wedding Bunting

I love it when people show me things in Pinterest and ask me to recreate them. Those of you who are regular readers will have seen my Drunk Barbie Cake last summer.

My friend asked me to make some bunting for her wedding and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make something else. She’d seen some bunting that was looked as though it was made from sacking with the Mr & Mrs painted on with a stencil. It was lovely but I knew we could do better. I found some gorgeous cotton linen from The Corner Patch, as well as some beautiful white fabric (with a very slight polka dot in a darker white) in their remnants box.

As the bunting was going to be used on the top table, we needed to make it prominent; smaller bunting would have been lost against the table, so each rectangle was about A4 paper size. I made my template for the wording in Microsoft Word, selecting an easy font to cut out, and sizing it up so I had one letter per page. I spent ages trying to find the right font – if you do this, I can’t stress how much I’d recommend picking an easy font for ease of cutting out and sewing. Once I’d printed the wording, I cut round each letter to use as my template. I transferred this onto my fabric, drawing round the letters in light pencil before cutting out the fabric (when you do this, make sure your fabric and letters are facing the right way so when you’re cut out, you’ve not got a mirror image facing backwards!) After placing my fabric letters on a rectangle (measuring round them to make sure they were central) I pinned them in place then carefully sewed round using the standard setting on my zig zag stitch.

Handmade Wedding Bunting

To add the backs to the bunting, I lay another rectangle on top of each front (right sides together) and pinned in place. I then sewed round the three edges with a 1cm seam allowance, leaving the top edge unstitched, using a straight stitch. After turning each the right way and gently teasing out the corners into points I gave each rectangle a quick press.

To lay the bunting out ready to add the bias tape, I spaced each letter with the width of three fingers between them. I them measured the total length, then added on 2m so I had enough bias tape to tie each end of the bunting. With my cut bias tape, I found and marked the middle, before finding the middle of the bunting pieces, working outwards in each direction to pin the bias tape to the bunting pieces. I then sewed the bias tape closed and to the bunting a couple of millimetres away from the open edge of the bias tape, before repeating near the edge of the folded edge of the bias tape (I think the two lines of stitching looks really neat).

Here is the bunting with the gorgeous bride and groom – I’m pleased they loved it as much as I enjoyed making it for them!

Handmade Wedding Bunting

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