The Perfect Bride to Be Present – The Kimono Robe

Silk bath robe dressing gown pattern

My friend is getting married very soon. We’ve been making lots of beautiful little details for the wedding (which I can’t show until after the wedding in case her mum or bridesmaids see what we’ve done for them!) and I wanted to make something for Becky for on the day. This was supposed to be a gift I would surprise her with just before the big day but I caved in October and told her what I was planning – a) in case she didn’t like it and b) in case anyone else had a similar idea and bought it for her.

Thankfully Becky was thrilled with the idea, and with my choice of fabric – some beautiful coral floral viscose from Adam Ross Fabrics (I’d had a half metre sample in my goodie box at the Sewing Weekender, which I’d fallen in love with). Adam Ross Fabrics is pretty unique in that all orders have free shipping, regardless of the value; many of their competitors have a minimum spend. This is so handy for when you want to arrange a quick project and don’t want to buy lots to meet the minimum order value…however with the fantastic range that they have, it is difficult not to order in bulk! The delivery was also very speedy and the customer service fantastic – Jas was so helpful when it came to colour matching…we chose a beautiful navy to contrast with the floral.

Looking on Pinterest, I found a gorgeous pattern that I vaguely remembered from a back issue of Sew Magazine, which was still free to download from their website. I struggled slightly piecing it together (which is always a concern of mine when I use PDF patterns as they vary a little in jigsaw piecing quality) but it worked out OK with a couple of tweaks. I used one of my favourite tricks and used greaseproof baking paper and a sharpie to trace the pattern (I hate cutting paper patterns, even PDF versions, in case I want to make another). I love the make up of this pattern – it didn’t take very long to assemble. I used a French seam on all of the seams for an extra special finish.

Did you know, the French phrase for French Seams translates to English Seams

I followed the pattern in relation to attaching the belt, although lying in bed that night (generally you’ll find me lying awake finding solutions and improvements to whatever I’m sewing at the time rather than dropping off!!) I was thinking you could make a couple of belt loops and sew them into the side seams when you’re sewing them up…when I came to sew the side seams, you guessed it, I forgot to add them – oh well!

The slippery viscose was fun to sew when it came to sewing up the arms; I think cotton may have been a little easier to get the perfect point and turn going from sleeve to body, however although it’s very slightly puckered, I’m not sure other people would notice – I’m being super critical here.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to give this to Becky to wear on her wedding day – she’s going to look beautiful all day long!

If you’re looking at this thinking it would make a great gift, how about making this for Mothers Day? Or maybe as a beautifully unique Christmas present?

On the subject of loungewear, have you seen my review of the Love Sewing Pyjama Bottoms pattern? They’d look gorgeous layered up with this robe.

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