FREE eBook: Baking With Kids

Free ebook Baking with Kids

So once again the summer holidays are here and parents everywhere are dreaming about beautiful sunny days to enjoy with their children; trips to the park, long walks and bike rides and playing in the garden, not forgetting eating ice cream!

In reality, the school holidays are likely to bring with them gale force winds and monsoon like rainfall. You’ll then be faced with having to find enough indoor activities to prevent little darlings turning into little terrorists, and cabin fever setting in on the afternoon of day one…eek!

If any of this puts the fear of dread in you, or you are looking for something different to try, why not spend an hour or two baking. I’ve put together a FREE eBook of all of my favourite recipes that are ideal for making with kids. They’re easy to follow, require very little skill and you get to eat what you’ve made! Why not try Malteser Tray Bake, golden Flapjack or go retro with my recipe for Butterfly Cakes.

Even better, you’ll be giving your children the opportunity to practice their maths with the measuring out of their ingredients and their literacy following the instructions – sneaky! I’m a firm believer that being able to cook isa great skill to have – baking will always win you friends!


We’d love to see your creations. Don’t forget to tag us on your Facebook or Instagram posts – just search @whatcorrinedidnext

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