Essential Makes for New Baby Presents

Everywhere I look, people seem to be pregnant or popping out babies left, right and centre. The stork must be working overtime! Making a New Baby present is a lovely way to welcome any little bundle of joy into the world, and you can be sure your gift will be completely unique. Here’s a few ideas of what you might want to make:

Burp Cloths

These great stash busters will be used daily – I made mine with a cotton front and towelling backing. The shaped edge sits comfortably round the shoulder for ease of use.

Burp Cloth

Play Mat

With a metre of fabric (plus the same amount of backing fabric and wadding) you can make a take everywhere play mat. I’ve made these for lots of new parents and they go everywhere with their baby. Out and about? Use the play mat to pop your baby down somewhere clean. Baby Pilates? You’ve got your mat. Forget your changing mat? Yes, it can double up as that too in an emergency.

Baby Play Mat, Travel Mat, Quilt

Baby Blanket

Similar to the play mat in terms of construction, this beautiful blanket is the perfect thing to cover your baby in as they settle down for a nap in their crib.

Baby Blanket

Elephant Soft Toy

Another favourite of mine, these beautiful elephant soft toys are a great stash buster and are so much fun to make. This beautiful gift will stay with the baby as they grow up and will be a much loved toy…it’s also machine washable!

Elephant Soft Toy


Another great stash buster, making bunting for the nursery is a beautiful gift, particularly for vintage loving new parents. Have fun with the prints you use and the shape and size of your bunting.

Bunting Tutorial

Minnie Mouse Baby Dress

I can’t tell you how much I love this Minnie Mouse inspired dress and nappy cover – it is just the cutest! With a Peter Pan collar and front pleat detail, you’ll have so much fun constructing this.

Minnie Mouse Baby Dress

Thelma Dress

Another of my favourites, the Thelma Dress is another Peter Pan Collared Dress that little girls will look just gorgeous is…the sizing goes up to Age 6 so you can carry on making them for years to come

Love Sewing Thelma Pattern

And as they grow…

baby clothes patchwork quilt

This patchwork Baby Clothes Quilt is the perfect way to immortalise a baby’s teeny tiny clothes for them to keep forever. This was a little commission for a very sweet little girl called Elsie – I just love the clothes her mummy and daddy wanted to make the quilt from.

Hope you enjoy making your own New Baby Gifts – let us know what you make by posting them to our Facebook page, or why not tag us in your Instagram shots

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