Ahoy There! – The New Look 6483

If you’re looking for an easy wear, pull on tank for this summer, I may have just found it in the New Look 6483. I was drawn to the different views of this pattern, and in particular view C, which features slightly cut away shoulders; the silhouette looked really pretty, although the range of styles will suit a wide range of us making it. With small slits in the bottom hem for a little more ease when putting your top on, darting for a fitted shape and a small button detail at the neck, this pattern is perfect for newbie sewists looking for the perfect summer top.

As I had not made this pattern before, and I’d heard different opinions about the fit, I decided to construct it from poly cotton – I’d ordered some very inexpensively from Minerva Crafts so if it didn’t work, at least I wouldn’t be too upset at cutting into beautiful expensive fabric. I really like the navy anchor print – it’s very me! I decided to cut my facings from the same fabric, although if you’re short on fabric, you should be able to get your main bodice pieces out of your main fabric, and use something different for your facings. 

The pattern boasts that you can make it with an hour…you probably can, but it took me a little longer (quelle surprise!) The construction of the top itself was very simple and it’s a really nice top to put together. There’s an element of hand sewing to catch the facings once you attach the back to the front (as you attach the facings to their respective bodice pieces before you attach the front to the back) which looks really neat once done – I think having a nice crisp poly cotton helped…I’m not sure what a flimsier, shearer fabric would be like)

The pattern calls for a small button and loop at the back – I made a small placket instead of a thread loop a) as I don’t really like thread loops, they don’t seem very durable and b) to act as a slight variation. You could easily put a button hole on the placket and sew a button onto the back bodice, however for ease of wear I used a press stud fastening (plus, with having long hair, I can be sure my hair won’t wind around the button as it does with another of my tops). The other slight change I made to the top was to make the bodice pieces two inches shorter; I’m not particularly short in the body but it came out quite long on me…too long for my liking. As you’ll see from the photos, it’s now a really good length.

As I decided to shorten it after constructing the top, I took the two inches from the bottom, and so my top doesn’t have the side splits; that said, I have no problems putting the top on or taking it off (plus I don’t think you need them with a slightly shorter version).

If you’re looking for more ideas for your summer wardrobe, have you seen my review of the Deer & Doe Datura Top? You might also like my review of the Learn to Sew with Lauren Yoke Top

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