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Hi I’m Corrine, a 30 something from sunny Staffordshire in the UK. Contained within an office in the day (it’s not that bad really, I love my job!), in my spare time I really enjoy indulging my creative side. I want to inspire you all to have a go yourselves and try new things. If I can do it, you absolutely can!

If you’re looking for ideas for new things to bake or make, you’re in the right place!

My blog is a mash up of the The Great British Bake Off meets The Great British Sewing Bee (for my non-UK followers, both are really worth a watch on YouTube!). Whether you’re looking for a new recipe to try (I’m sorry, I can’t be held responsible for how calorific a lot of my foodie posts are) or what you could sew/make, you’re in the right place!

I’ve been baking since I was 14 and decided to take Food Technology as one of my GCSE option subjects. I’ll be honest, I chose it as an easy option and had two years of baking and cooking delicious things instead of what I perceived to be real work. Nearly 20 years on, I’ve still never really taken to cooking (I am the Slow Cooker Queen for actual meals) but ask me to bake some treats and I suddenly become interested. I’ve always had a sweet tooth and designing new recipes to share with you all is a dream come true! You’ll see I am a big fan of using chocolate in recipes (and keeping an emergency stash in the glove box of my car!)

I’ve not been sewing for quite so long as I’ve been baking. Purely by chance, it transpired my cousin and my friend were taking the same dressmaking course at their local college. They were both frustrated by the lack of support they had from the tutor (who unfortunately had far too many students to give proper 1:1 time to anyone!) so my mum offered to help them and we set up a sewing meet up in her kitchen.  Naturally I didn’t want to be left out so got involved too; bearing in mind what a talented seamstress my mum is, both she and I were hugely disappointed that I didn’t take to sewing – I tried and failed to make an electric blue shell top in craft cotton with a red zip back fastening (it was terrible!) After a few months not sewing, I saw an advent calendar panel in my local fabric shop and decided to buy and make it. Mastering how to sew the quilted pockets and attach the backing and hangings gave me the confidence to dust off my sewing machine again; since then I’ve grown in both skill and confidence – my mum would now argue I’m better than her, which is very high praise indeed! On the blog, I love sharing a range of beginner to intermediate projects and pattern reviews to give you the confidence to know you can do it too! (Now you’ve heard my back story, you can absolutely see that if I can turn it round and become a decent sewist, you definitely can!)

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