My New eBook: Chocolate 

Off the back of the huge success of Baking With Kids, which was released in July and had you downloading in your droves, the next free eBook for you all to enjoy has a distinct cocoa theme...and is aptly named! Download your copy here Chocolate is jam packed full of delicious cake and tray bake … Continue reading My New eBook: Chocolate 

Bounty Cookies

If you’ve seen my post for Bakery Style Cookies, you’ll know I’m a big fan. Today I’m sharing my recipe for Bounty Cookies. I love the chocolate and coconut mix…although did you know Bounty is a chocolate bar that divides the nation? I challenge you to ask your friends and see who likes them and … Continue reading Bounty Cookies

FREE eBook: Baking With Kids

So once again the summer holidays are here and parents everywhere are dreaming about beautiful sunny days to enjoy with their children; trips to the park, long walks and bike rides and playing in the garden, not forgetting eating ice cream! In reality, the school holidays are likely to bring with them gale force winds … Continue reading FREE eBook: Baking With Kids

Curly Wurly Cupcakes

Beautifully light chocolate sponge cupcakes, piped with deliciously creamy chocolate buttercream and topped with a piece of Curly Wurly. They sound pretty good don’t they? Let me tell you, they taste as good as they sound. They’re the perfect cake for parties and they will be enjoyed by big and little kids alike (the bigger … Continue reading Curly Wurly Cupcakes

Orange and Poppy Seed Muffins

Wow, you loved the Lemon and Poppy Seed Muffin recipe last year – I was blown away by how many views this recipe had. So it’s back for 2017 but this time using oranges to flavour the cakes. They work just as well with the poppy seeds and hopefully it’s made you all sing ‘Oranges and … Continue reading Orange and Poppy Seed Muffins