Easter Mini Egg Nest Cake

Easter is upon us already and I’ve already eaten my body weight in Mini Eggs this year (hopefully you’ve had one or two yourself too!) For today’s bake, I’m sharing my recipe for my Easter Mini Egg Nest Cake. It’s the perfect centrepiece when you’re celebrating with family and friends this weekend and it tastes … Continue reading Easter Mini Egg Nest Cake

Malteser and Chocolate Fingers Celebration Cake

This cake has it all: chocolate cake: check! Chocolate buttercream: Check! Maltesers: Check! Chocolate Fingers: Check! Wow Factor: Check in abundance! If you’re looking for the perfect celebration cake, you’ve come to the right place! This really does make a spectacular centre piece, and you’d be amazed just how simple it is to make. It … Continue reading Malteser and Chocolate Fingers Celebration Cake