Chocolate Rock Cakes

Did you catch my Rock Cakes post? I can’t believe how popular the recipe was; you visited the site in your droves. If you enjoyed that recipe, it’s back and chocced up with chocolate sponge and chocolate chips (you’re welcome!) I love making these cakes – the mixing is so therapeutic; and it’s so simple … Continue reading Chocolate Rock Cakes

The Gooey Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies only went and got Double Chocced Up!

Yes, you heard that right, they are Double Choc Chip! If you enjoyed my Chocolate Chip Cookies a few months ago in all their deliciously gooey bakery-ness, you’ll love these. They have been super pimped up with even more chocolate for when you need that chocolate fix…like Mondays (doesn’t need a justification…it’s a Monday!), Tuesday … Continue reading The Gooey Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies only went and got Double Chocced Up!

Rock Cakes

Rock cakes are so simple, yet you rarely see them as the craze for iced cupcakes. This delicious classic is slightly heavier than my sponge cupcake recipe, it has a gorgeous texture, sweetness of the raisins and a beautiful crumbly texture.  They use a slightly different method to mixing the butter and sugar (and flour) … Continue reading Rock Cakes

All Butter Shortbread

Rich, buttery and crumbly, the humble shortbread is so simple and easy to make and uses only three ingredients. Like my World Famous Muffins recipe, I’ve been making this shortbread for years and it is always a winner with my family. Fancy making your own? Here’s how: You’ll need: 150g plain flour 100g butter 50g … Continue reading All Butter Shortbread

Iced Coconut Cupcakes

This is a twist on my Easy Iced Cupcake recipe for those of you who find plain sponge….well, a bit plain. The coconut adds a little more taste and texture, but doesn’t overpower the cakes. This time round, rather than use fondant icing, I’ve used icing sugar to make up a thick(ish) white icing to … Continue reading Iced Coconut Cupcakes