Spring Sewing – New Look K6447

Sponsored content As the weather begins to warm up a touch and we're surrounded by daffodils, the promise of blossom on the trees and Easter just around the corner, it really is starting to feel like spring! Soon we'll be peeling off all of our winter layers and out will come our spring wardrobes. I've … Continue reading Spring Sewing – New Look K6447

Strapless Fishtail Dress

Some of you will know I changed jobs towards the end of the year. As well as taking this as an opportunity to add to my me made work wardrobe, I also had the fantastic Β (read: barmy) idea to make my Christmas party dress. Regular followers of my Instagram feed will have been treated to … Continue reading Strapless Fishtail Dress

When Something’s Not Quite Right…

Ta dah! Do you like my new dress? Err, yes, it is my A line skirt. If you've not read that post (you can find it here), the upshot is I decided to make a twirly pleated skirt I've seen everywhereΒ in recent monthsΒ - it absolutely did not work for me so because I'd sewn the … Continue reading When Something’s Not Quite Right…

My Pick This Season

Sponsored content We're really into Autumn now and everywhere you look is awash with rich colours - from the leaves on the trees to the earlier evening sunsets and from the darker lipstick hues in all of the magazines to the beautiful fabrics coming into clothing shops and fabric retailers. Autumn really is my favourite season; … Continue reading My Pick This Season