Channelling My Inner Bardot.. 

You know that moment when you end up panic speed sewing the night before you're due to go out...? Yes, that one. You fly home, with your scribbled doodles that you sketched during a conference call, ready to swing into action the moment you set foot in the house. Many of us sewists have been … Continue reading Channelling My Inner Bardot.. 

Amazingly Easy Make Up Bag…the Perfect Stash Buster!

Sponsored Content It's Mother's Day in the UK in 6 days...I know, 6 days time! I'm working with the lovely people at Tilda to show you how to make a really easy Make Up Bag, Wash Bag, or whatever-you-like zipped bag with just one fat quarter of fabric. This really is the perfect last minute, … Continue reading Amazingly Easy Make Up Bag…the Perfect Stash Buster!

An Easy Covered Bench Pad Tutorial…for when you need to sit down on the job!

As many of you will know, I moved house earlier this year. I'm dying to start making things for my new home but there's a few messy (and expensive) remodelling projects for me to do first before I can start on the finishing touches. That said, this covered bench pad was an essential. When I … Continue reading An Easy Covered Bench Pad Tutorial…for when you need to sit down on the job!

Tablet or iPad Holder Tutorial

If you wish you had more hands or precariously prop up your tablet or iPad when you’re using it to watch TV or look at a recipe or tutorial, then this Tablet Holder Tutorial will be right up your street! Filled with mini polystyrene beads, the bean bag style will mean that you can easily … Continue reading Tablet or iPad Holder Tutorial

Passport Cover Tutorial **Freebie**

If you’ve been enjoying my Summer Sun-day Series over the last few weeks, why don’t you get your hands on my free (yes, FREE) Passport Cover Tutorial? Be the envy of your fellow travellers this summer when you rock up at the airport. Not only will you know which one is yours (you could make … Continue reading Passport Cover Tutorial **Freebie**

How to make your own bunting {Summer Sun-day}

Have you ever wanted to make your own bunting? It’s so easy to do and is great for summer parties or BBQs, your kitchen, the kids bedrooms…anywhere you like really! It’s really quick and simple even for beginner sewers and uses up your fabric stash really well; here’s how to do it: You will need: … Continue reading How to make your own bunting {Summer Sun-day}

Pencil Crayon Roll Tutorial

The summer holidays are fast approaching so this pencil crayon roll is just the ticket for the creative kids in your life. It keeps their pencils tidy (and away from your feet…maybe they’re not as painful as standing on Lego but it still hurts!) and is great to take with you on days out. Even … Continue reading Pencil Crayon Roll Tutorial